October 25th, 2004

Francine - harvest

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Random moment of brain-drainage from this weekend, paraphrased:

At my cousin's house, discussing horror films.

Cousin L: But have you seen Freddy vs. Jason? That's like the ultimate one that everyone was waiting for.

Me: Actually, bleh. I've seen all the Elm Street movies and followed the plotlines, but I hate Jason; he's just a big idiot with a chainsaw. Now what would work better would be Freddy vs. Michael Myers, because Michael's actually somewhat scary.

L's husband M: Yeah! That's what I was thinking too. Or even better, Jason and Michael, and then they could have a three-way.

Me, maeyan, Cousin L (who knows of Teh Slash, more or less): [head in hands] Eyes! Brain! Agghghgh!

M: That is not what I--

Me, maeyan, Cousin L: Eyes! Brain! Agghghgh!