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Trouble with a capital A
That rhymes with something or other.
November 3rd, 2004 
Francine - harvest
maeyan: Tell me I'm not allowed to--

mpoetess: You're not allowed to.

maeyan: Leave work at lunch, walk to Borders, and stock up on porn so I can escape to Canada without feeling guilty.

[User guide: Porn for maeyan = yaoi manga. Guilty = because she has a reserve list there, and would feel bad for not picking up her books before she ran for the border.]

I'm going to bed, because I have a class to teach tomorrow, for which actually showing up for work is a prerequisite. If my nap this afternoon is any indication, I will dream about the election. Hopefully the actual results will be better than what my subconscious came up with, which was me stuck in a hotel in the middle of a Young Republicans rally. I was underdressed, and there was actually an entry fee, despite the fact that it was more of a cocktail party than a rally, and I'd been dragged there by some vague acquaintance who saw me at the corresponding Democratic gathering and was all "Come over and see what we're doing over here!" They were very polite about it all, though. And then I looked for a bathroom and couldn't find one, as is usual in my dreams. My take on this is that if Bush wins, none of us will have a pot to piss in. But that could just be the Mountain Dew talking.


   Dewey Wins!



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