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Trouble with a capital A
That rhymes with something or other.
November 6th, 2004 
no limits, muffins
This is what we call an exercise in touch typing. Or actually, since I can see the keys just fine, but can't read the monitor, I guess it'd be whatever the opposite of touch typing is. (Answer: what I do all the time, since I can't type without looking at the keys anyway)

So about 5 minutes ago, my monitor exploded. The "with smoke" kind of explodeing. Though not the "with sparks" kind (except for Hal, since I was watching my QAF dvds. wolfling says obviously they were too hot for my monitor to handle). Nor, luckily, the "with fiery pieces flying off into the room" kind. Just the kind where I have no horizontal hold now, and the screen keeps collapsing in on itself, about every half second. I can see just enough to fumble my way around the screen to click on things, but reading is a bust, clicking on anything smaller than an icon (like, say, the "X" button on a program) is a challenge worthy of... somebody who, unlike me, is not going to have a migraine in the next 30 seconds.

Thus, apologies for those typos that I can't actually see, much less spellcheck, and I'm offline until tomorrow, when I can head off to Best Buy and pick up a new monitor. Hopefully. And cat litter. Not that they sell that at Best Buy, or that the need for same is caused by my exploded monitor. But you know. While I'm out.

P.S. So not going to be a Brian/Justin shipper. I think, Though famous last words and all, and I'll be happy to eat crow if 2 dvd sets from now I'm saying otherwise. Not that I don't think they belong together, because they probably do. I just don't like either of them all that much. There are things about Brian that I admire, and he's certainly hot, but I wouldn't want to actually know the guy. Whereas Michael, Ted, and Emmett, I like as people, not larger-than-life figures. I am told that things smooth out and get better both character and plot-wise once US stops following the UK outline, so I'll keep that in mind. (Probably doesn't help that I'm firmly in the Stuart/Vince camp, but then, I don't really like Brian/Michael as a couple either [granted I'm only on about ep5, though I've also seen the Michael's 30th Birthday ep, which I think is ep11] so it may be more about Brian very much not being Stuart, than the shipping preferences. Brian so far is still getting on my nerves because *everything* he says, he says in a breathy, come-fuck-me voice, like he's high or about to come, and that is actually not sexy when the line is "I'll have a cheeseburger and fries, thanks."
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