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Trouble with a capital A
That rhymes with something or other.
November 22nd, 2004 
Francine - harvest
Its origin being here with tartanshell, and its general function being to promote the ability to make specific and/or random people happy during the holiday season. divabat has an index of the wishlists here.

Mine, she is withinCollapse )

So once upon a time, a year or three ago, I started collecting songs in my head for a Chocolatey Goodness soundtrack.

Thought it might be about time I actually made one.

Within is the track listing, with yousendit links to each individual track. The yousendit links are limited to 20 downloads or a week, so if one of them starts giving errors, also let me know, and I'll upload again and make a new link.

ETA - 5-6-2005 - [The perceptive among us will note that this post was originally friendslocked, due to my leeriness of openly posting music links. It will probably be friendslocked again after a little while, but I thought I'd open it for a bit so that people not on my f-list would have a chance to get at the songs.]

The astute among us will also note that about half of these songs hadn't been recorded yet when I was writing CG. It's a mix of songs actually mentioned in the story, and newer songs that felt thematically appropriate. Many of them, unsurprisingly, are about chocolate. Not all. Feel free to pick and choose. If you've never read the story, consider this a music-pimping post -- for those artists who are real indie-type folks, I've also linked to the source album on audiolunchbox, where you can sample the whole thing, and download full tracks for a buck-a-pop.

Within.Collapse )

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