December 17th, 2004

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Inspired by a smut!peeves post of stoney321's, I scanned back through my own and co-written fic to see what my/our guys had used for lube. I couldn't remember being terribly egregious (or adventurous) but it's been a fair long while since I've written an explicit m/m sex scene. (0.o I think the last sex scene that could be even described as vaguely explicit is the het scene in The Waking. I obviously need to write some slashy smut, stat. I'll, um. Get right on that. Yeah.)

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Conclusions: Am boring? I have apparently always been paranoid about safe-ish smut scenes. DP contains a hell of a lot more innuendo and a lot less actual sex than people think it does. Reading old solo fic makes me want to apologize, and rewrite it. Need to write more porn. Someday.

PS: I know it's 3:30 in the morning. I headache-slept from 4:30 til 9, though, so I'm just now starting to get sleepyish again.
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[Insert meaningless subject line here]

Mailed last non-family holiday present? Check.

Cleared out an entire trashbag worth of stuff (papers, empty computer-part packaging, broken headphones, outdated magazines, etc.) from office bookcase while looking for a zine? Check.

Found zine? Check.

Remembered to fill new thyroxine prescription? Uh... So it looks like I'll be going out to CVS tomorrow...