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Trouble with a capital A
That rhymes with something or other.
December 19th, 2004 
06:08 pm - REC
Francine - harvest
Manroot: A Very Bad Spander Pornfic by suki_blue.

I... You know how you're eating and you try something new and it makes your face turn purple and your left kidney try to mountainclimb up to your lungs and settle in, building a wee cabin in among the bronchioles and the pines, and you turn, coughing and gagging, to the person you're eating dinner with and say, tears of pain and wonder at the cruelty of the universe running down your face and out your ears, "Oh. My. God. This is hideous! ..... ...... TASTE IT!"


Francine - harvest
My food is downstairs. My food has been downstairs, and done, for about an hour and a half now. I should go get it. And yet, every time I think this, I realize I really need to refresh my friendslist. Or look at Margaret Cho's blog. Or scan a six month old chatlog for one missing line from a WIP.

I am hungry.

Possibly I have Issues.

ETA: *eats food*
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