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Trouble with a capital A
That rhymes with something or other.
December 20th, 2004 
gaysupremes, angel fandom
So every so often, usually when the discussion of cracked-out crossovers arises, I tend to mention that zortified and I wrote this one fic for a con zine... This is that. My typing fingers is tired now.


Title: Midnight Run

By: zortified and mpoetess

Fandom(s): Angel and Dukes of Hazzard


Originally published in Constricted By Plot, the con zine for Con*Strict 2001

Rated: PG-13ish

Pairing(s): Bo/Luke, Angel Investigations er... polyamorously perverse? (This is not, however, a Domestic Piranhas fic. Just a random AU that you can consider as having branched off somewhere after Disharmony and pre-Pylea.)

Midnight RunCollapse )

Francine - harvest
Singapore and Muncie can't be far behind.

I totally forgot Wolfram & Hart had an office (or at least important contacts) in Muncie.

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