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Trouble with a capital A
That rhymes with something or other.
December 29th, 2004 
09:15 am - Official Update
Francine - harvest
mpoetess' entry regarding The Nudity Of Byrne has been reviewed and determined to be neither a threat to national security, nor Too Dirty For The Surrounding Community. After a perusal of the surrounding community, it has in fact been determined that a) mpoetess is hopelessly square and b) You're All Going To Hell. As is Agent #561, who was deployed to read kita0610's journal for comparison purposes and as a result, is now gay and tortures puppies. He used to just torture puppies.

Go on about your filthy, disgusting, morally reprehensible business. But we'll be keeping a watchful eye upon y'all.

Well, Agent #561 will, since he's already been compromised.

Thank you for your patriotic support,
The Internet PolicePatent Pending, Available In These Fine Stores: Kroger, Jewel, Safeway, Home Depot, Fredericks of Hollywood

P.S. Would thebratqueen please give Agent #069 his pants back?
domestic piranha
Er. The .9 indicates we finally settled on a coding for secondary character -- in this case Cordelia -- stories. *dreads going back through the sidebar stories and seeing which ones qualify and where to place them*

This was co-written as a response to zortified's offer on fandom_charity to write fiction in exchange for donations towards any organization sending relief and assistance for victims of the recent tsunami.

Written for jadelennox in acknowledgment of her contribution to Doctors Without Borders.

Pixie Sticks
a Domestic Piranhas story
by Mad Poetess and James
Rated PG

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