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Trouble with a capital A
That rhymes with something or other.
January 7th, 2005 
06:06 pm - GIP!
Now I ded from arundhathi.

ETA: Public Service Announcement! Do NOT let swmbo turn into swmbogelus again! (You remember what happened that time she had sex with Vincent Kartheiser? Yeah. Like that. With the sketching Kovsky from the tree outside her bedroom window, and killing Fod's tropical fish and stuff.) Make sure she never gets perfectly happy, with plenty of raccoon porn. Preferably porn where Principal Snyder and Angel get turned into raccoons.

And then have sex.

With swmbo.
08:06 pm - GIP!
Totally, utterly share-able.
Francine - harvest
Dance, friendslist! Dance for entrenous88, for she and I have switched friendslists for the day. Evening. Something. And well you know me if your reaction to that is "You are totally still reading your own friendslist too."

Still the Good One.
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