February 22nd, 2005

Francine - harvest

Ten things...

...I've done that at least some of you probably haven't. Meme-alicious.

1. Told Gareth Thomas his cabaret performance would've been improved by the unexpected appearance of Brian Blessed. (Actually most things could be improved by the unexpected appearance of Brian Blessed.)

2. Watched sarabi hyperventilate after meeting Sylvester McCoy.

3. Met Galway Kinnell. Incredibly briefly.

4. Won a murder mystery night. (Which is to say, I was the lucky random draw-ee from among the people who correctly guessed the murderer. I b'lieve I won a whole 20 bucks, which paid nicely for Subways for self, maeyan, and our respective roomies at the time.)

5. Acted in a (different) murder mystery night. I was the quacked-out medium who was sucking up to the current (and eventually murdered) owner of the manor house in hopes my claims of some inheritance from the previous (childless) owner might gain some credence. maeyan was the assistant to the Scotland Yard inspector, disguised as a maid. sarabi was the widow of the foully murdered landowner. *looks at maeyan* I remember who actually dunnit. Really I do. Except for where I don't, besides the fact that it wasn't any of us.

6. Painted the word "George" on the side of my car. Hey, it was her name. Also, it was a 79 station wagon in 1991. That paint may well have been the only thing holding her together.

7. Gone to a college whose central (actually, only) fountain was made in the shape of... a weeping basketball. To commemorate the loss of the entire basketball team for one particular year, in a plane crash. Which has my deepest sympathies, and I'm cool with dedicating the fountain to them, but... a weeping basketball? Only in Indiana.

8. Visited California, but only from the inside of a uterus.

9. Tumbled headfirst sideways down the basement stairs.

10. Pet a stingray.
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Francine - harvest

Conversation from last night...

mpoetess: Hunter S. Thompson died. Yes, I know you have no idea who he is. Gonzo journalism, blah blah, I've never been one to advocate sex, drugs and rock & roll but they've always worked for me, blah blah

maeyan: ::blank stare::

mpoetess: Oh, and Uncle Duke was based on him.

maeyan: ::no longer blank stare::
maeyan: ::stare of You Have Grown Another Head::

mpoetess: ::blink:: ::reads maeyan's mind::
mpoetess: Not JESSE Duke.

maeyan: Ahhhhhhh.

mpoetess [Already writing this post in her head] : Uncle Duke from Doonesbury.

maeyan: I was gonna say; otherwise Uncle Jesse must've had a real wild past before he retired from moonshining.