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Trouble with a capital A
That rhymes with something or other.
March 24th, 2005 
Francine - harvest
Yesterday was my fourth LJ-versary. I knew this all week, and had been planning to say "Look, for once I remembered!" when the 23rd rolled around.

And then I forgot that yesterday was in fact the 23rd.

S'okay. I also forgot until this morning that tomorrow's Good Friday and as such, no work. W00t!
11:23 pm - O.o
So on the list of euphemisms for female masturbation in the {somewhat annoying} book I'm reading, we'll just pretend we didn't see "Morking the Mindy1" and go right for the one that's going to keep me up late into the night, giggling and blinking:

Auditioning the finger-puppets.

1It's non-fiction, and the author calls this list "Some of my favorite female-specific terms for the Big M." Though there are a few familiar ones, and a few that aren't but at least make sense as something somebody somewhere might actually say, there's also "Paddling through Poon Lagoon" and "tickling the snail." Aren't you glad the One Eyed Trouser Snake has a friend to play with?
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