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Trouble with a capital A
That rhymes with something or other.
April 14th, 2005 
Francine - harvest
x. Icon: is shareable by puppet pornsters everywhere

x. Photos: The other POV on the Scruppet Planking trip, aka Spike Makes A Booty Call

x. Seekrit Message To the Usual Suspects: Am still chatless. :(

X. ETA -- if you clicked the photos link and only got one photo, go back; I linked it incorrectly. It's a 20-pic gallery.
07:20 pm - Friendslist PSA
Francine - harvest
That linguistic profile meme is breaking people's Friends Page layouts. Like "No more entries will appear after an entry that contains the meme no matter how many times you refresh" breaking. Cut-tagging it would fix that issue without having to remove the meme entirely.
alien sand
Melted. [For lazy non-clickers, it's an article about a Radio Times poll in which Tony Head was picked as the viewer favourite to play the next Doctor Who. Beating out Alan Rickman. It's not likely to happen at all; rumour has it that the next Doc is more or less in the bag, and it ain't ASH. Just the concept is freaking me out though. wolfling and I started a Doc/Giles crossover, not that we got far enough for them to meet or even, you know. Appear. This would make that... Something. Incestuous, or possibly recursive.]
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