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Trouble with a capital A
That rhymes with something or other.
April 30th, 2005 
03:43 pm - Smiley face
Dear xanphibian: Thank you for the yummy-smelling lotion, which is currently making my hands smell yummy. I imagine the body wash will do similarly when I actually take a shower again. (NO I AM NOT SMELLY! I JUST TOOK ONE THIS MORNING!) Also WTF because no way should you be spending money on sending me such things. *spanks you*

Dear World: Thank you for not buying me Dead Like Me season 1, for it wasn't until I was halfway out to the car after picking it up in Best Buy (along w/ Tru Calling S1 bouncebouncebounce) that I remembered it was on my wishlist and ohshit and luckily it was still there when I checked (and is not, anymore) so whew.

Dear full-length mirrors at Catherine's: Thank you for not making me feel like shit. That was unexpected and gratefully received.

Dear Liz & Me: Thank you for making size 22 jeans that fit me, even if they are stretch ones, because OMG that's even better than the mirror thing and I will be happy every time I wear them. Whee.

Dear forgettable clothing line that nonetheless made the gorgeous green dress that was marked down from 99 to 50-something and is 4 sizes smaller than I'm used to wearing: I love you. Now to sew up those sideslits that go up to my damn knees because um no, not for work.

Dear bathing suit makers: not all fat women have big boobies. Oh well; I didn't actually need a new one anyway.

Dear money: *waves bye-bye, but not sadly, for bargains OMG*

Dear me: *smooch*

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