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Trouble with a capital A
That rhymes with something or other.
May 6th, 2005 
Francine - harvest
Happy yesterdaybirthday to lucifrix, because I kept meaning to post and FORGOT to because I am a twit.

And happy todaybirthday to xanphibian!

And happy tomorrowbirthday to janedavitt and sockpuppett, because I'm off to see my mum tomorrow and do not know if I'll be able to get online.

May there be much sparkliness and nekkid manlove for all.
Mostly to make me feel like I am productive. When in fact, not so much, as we well know. Stolen from itsabigrock, fandom-newsletter-style recap of Stuff I've Done this year. Only in order to go with the fooling myself into thinking I've been productive theme, I'm going to say "This Year" = "Since last May" vs. "In 2005."

stuff wot I didCollapse )
09:12 pm - Also, *smooches*
Francine - harvest
To sarabi, who sent my Birthchrismakuh present from her and mr_sarabi along with the package she sent to maeyan, and it's a 512 mb memory card for my camera! *loveses* Now maeyan can take it to Anime Central and not bitch because she ran out of room on the camera.

And wesleysgirl, who sent me Dead Zone season 1 on DVD! Oneoneone!1! *loveses* Now there could be vids maybe!
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