May 20th, 2005

Francine - harvest

Flotsam, Jetsam, Seeing Dead People

1. I have Scrubs dvds. They are on my front porch waiting for me. This is good, because I have watched all of Tru Calling and Dead Like Me's first seasons, and I'm not ready to watch Dead Zone S1 again yet, since I'm still recovering from watching it all the way through on VHS in the space of two days. Two years ago. Er, yes, so I'm on a dvd kick, did I mention that? No actual creative products are coming out of my fingertips nor have they been for months; I'm apparently completely set on intake mode.

2. I tried very hard to listen to For What I Need, but I had to stop it after about five lines. Dear JM -- no. Just... no.

3. I am going to see Serenity next weekend! With maeyan! *cough* Right, I mentioned that. And then we are going to St. Louis to see sarabi and kjwagner and respective spouses. And kitties. And rodentia. And children of the two-legged variety.

4. For no other reason than that I like them (and see first paragraph re: entertainment binge), rec me ghost movies, please? [ETA: English language or dubbed; subtitles give me headaches.] Scary or creepy kind, not comedy/family. Though the ghost (s) doesn't have to be evil; The Lady In White for example is a great creepy movie where the ghosts themselves are benign, if disconcerting, and the danger comes from the living. What else - I don't mind gore but I'm not enamoured of it; given the choice I'd rather not watch body parts being lopped off. I tend to prefer female ghosts to male, but will take either.

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bff, bff - byrne

Adventures in Krogering

maeyan (in the soup aisle, looking at Random Impulse Buys hanging on display-strips) : *holds up tube*
maeyan: "What does Hello Kitty flavored lip gloss taste like?"
mpoetess: "..."
mpoetess: "I... can't answer that. This is a family store."
mpoetess: *stares silently at maeyan for several seconds*
maeyan: (coming closer with cart) "What?"
mpoetess: "Just composing the LJ post in my head."

mpoetess: *attempts to put soup in cart*
maeyan: *turns cart away each time I bring soup near it*
maeyan: "The cart rejects that soup."
mpoetess: *holds up soup* "Clam chowder?"
maeyan: "The cart is... confused."
mpoetess: "I thought the cart liked clam chowder?"
maeyan (who likes clam chowder, not that it matters, since the soup is mine): "The having an identity crisis."
maeyan: "The cart wishes it were IRL."1
mpoetess: *stares at maeyan more*
maeyan: *laughs in crazed manner*
mpoetess: "Now I'mcomposing the footnote to the LJ post."

She bought me the lip gloss. As a prompt, so I wouldn't forget to make the LJ post. It does not taste like Hello Kitty. It tastes like vaguely-sugar-flavored stuff, like pretty much every other liquid lip-gloss. It smells like watermelon.
1 CART=Championship AutoRacing Teams; IRL=Indy Racing League