July 5th, 2005


Bitter, bitter end.

You know, unless no one gets them from these lines, and then I annoy people more by continuing to post more words. Which could in fact be a capsule summary of my journal. Also I warn you that there will probably be another one coming soon. Lyrics game, not journal.

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3. Don't forget the scarf I gave you; you're gonna need it when the cold sets in.
I know you'll want the leather sofa, now that you finally got it broken in.
Go ahead and take the table I just painted; that stuff was really never you and me.
If there's nothing left in this room tomorrow, I'll still have all I need.

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5. Restless eyes close; maybe it'll go away.
Please rest tomorrow; bring a satisfied day.
The restless urge of love that's worth burning for...
Surely it's that one concern, love, to give you more. Brand New Love - Sebadoh - thecuckoo, and I take this moment to poke the wes_visions_rpg people, since this came off the soundtrack...

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17. Still, I think of you, baby ...
and how I grew old with you then.
And this summer, you'll call - maybe, and act as if we were old friends.
You'd say, 'how are you, baby'
I'd say, it's Raining In Athens - Azure Ray - anandangel

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Dear Paulina Porizkova:

Please stop not being Stephanie Romanov. It's disconcerting, and she makes a better you than you do, anyway.

Brought to you by Knots, which despite the lesbian subplot that caused my initial interest, sucks and is boring. I like...*counts on fingers*...zero of these characters.

ETA: You know, I was just basing that on [extreme] physical resemblence, but Jeebus. She's a lawyer. She's omnisexual and wears no panties. She is Lilah Morgan if she'd been allowed to be in a very boring sex comedy instead of a turgid supernatural soap-opera.
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