September 8th, 2005


BPAL Redux

Mostly to avoid doing other things, but also because my previous post on the samples I got really needed a followup, due to having played around with them a lot more.

First (since some people asked before), BPAL = Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab, who make hand-mixed perfume oils in gothic/dark-fantasy themes. (Also various oils intended for ritual use.) They're sort of a mini-nonfandom-fandom on LJ (and off), with folks collecting, trading, decanting & reselling, etc. It's a pricey kind of fandom to fall into, with the samples (1/32 oz. vials known as 'imps') themselves running $16.00 for a six-vial set, and the full-size bottles of each scent varying between 12 to 16 dollars each, but the draw here is that when they're 'bad,' it seems to be just a matter of taste/body-chemistry, and when they're good, they're really, really good.

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