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Trouble with a capital A
That rhymes with something or other.
September 29th, 2005 
01:55 am - *waves*
Aaaaaaaad I'm outta here, wolfling-bound. Or I will be tomorrow morning at 0-Godawful-hundred a.m., so I'll not be posting again before I leave.

Be good careful, don't do anything I wouldn't do you're likely to get caught for, and have fun storming the castle.
Francine - harvest
I'm at wolfling's for anybody who needed closure on the "Did Amy's flight out of Milwaukee ever arrive" saga. Also for maeyan, whom I couldn't call from my cellphone the approximately 5 billion times I tried once I hit the airport/highway, because my phone gets no signal up here, apparently. Or rather, it gets patched through to a local cellular provider, whose recording gives you a number to call for more information. And when you call that number? The same recording plays. I shit you not. *is amused*

OTOH, aside from weather delays on the second leg of my trip (delayed taking off in Milwaukee because of bad weather in Toronto, so I never actually saw the bad weather in question, aside from a lingering windy descent coming into Toronto), my flights were great. tiny planes, but on the first flight they gave us muffins, and on the second, warm chocolate chip cookies!

The signs are all bilingual. I knew this, but seeing it is a different experience -- makes me realize how much basic French I already know or can reason out based on my pitiful one semester each of Spanish and Italian.

Sprechen sie parlez vous Tim Hortons?
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