I Blame the Dutch (mpoetess) wrote,
I Blame the Dutch

Oi. I'm tired. I'm up out of sheer stubbornness, because my brain is still awake, even though my body is yelling at me to get the fuck in bed already, there's a stuffed lamb waiting for you, and he's getting cold. Or something like that.

Kittens. Did I mention we have kittens? 4 of them, and mommacat, who decided to grace our backyard with her and their presence, and because it was so friggin cold out there that I thought one of them was dead-or-going-to-be, they are ensconced in our guestroom.

I vow that I will, tomorrow:

Help take out the trash.

Make disgusting wuszhda noises at the kittens at least once.

Do popups. Hell, hopefully finish the damn popups.

I want the Buffy musical soundtrack.

I wanted it first, dammit!
Tags: fandom: btvs/angel, me-state_of, pets
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