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Trouble with a capital A
That rhymes with something or other.
March 14th, 2006 
1. I live yet.
2. I am still going to WriterCon. And VividCon.
3. I am still where I always was on AIM, yis.
4. I have little to say, and thus say little, when it comes to posting these days.
5. You probably noticed that.
6. Plus I have little energy/time to respond to comments on more than one LJ front, and thus tend to avoid posting unless I really have something useful to say, because I am usually an obsessive-compulsive responder.
7. My head hurts.
8. But other than that, all is good.
9. Just, you know, crack.
10. I do readeth.
11. I commenteth little, for which I guilt, but see 6.
12. I Xander balanced a book, a frog, and an invisible cat on my his head yesterday. Um.
13. Crack.
14. TBQ is in disguise. Shhh.
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