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Trouble with a capital A
That rhymes with something or other.
July 5th, 2006 
05:36 pm - Bullet Points

  • Dear World: Still here. No, that was not meant as a challenge.

  • Dear Indiana: Daylight Savings Time: Get The Fuck Over It, A Memo From Me To You. I grew up on it, and went to bed while it was still light out in the summer, uphill both ways through the snow, so your kids can too. Quit yer bellyachin'.

  • Dear Movie GalleryCollapse )

  • Dear people on the Writercon comedy panel: *waves* Will reply to e-mail later today, but all but...one(?) of you are on f'list, so *waves*

  • Dear connexions: There will be a you next year! Eeeeeee!

  • Dear fandomhigh: Still the best crack OMG. *clingz to summer*

  • Dear Meme-sheep: LJ Fight cards thingyCollapse )
06:26 pm - Spamrandamnness
nonstick compassionate = best spam subject line evarrr this week.
06:30 pm - I Spam More
looking up
ZOMG, Gayleen Froese lives!

wordsofastory introduced me to her not-quite-filk original music several years ago (not quite filk = a lot of it is inspired by works of fiction in the true sense of 'inspired by' meaning if no one told you "this is Vince talking about Stuart," you'd never know) by way of the song Sparrows, for which I have lost none of my adoration, and we shared frustration over her apparent disappearance from the web and the difficulty of finding legal copies of her albums.

No longer, yay! There are samples of the music from all of her albums, and she's even provided a free download of the entire Sacrifice CD (on which Sparrows is located), which only increases my estimation of her rockingnessicity. Shut up it is too a word OMG.

(I have notjo over on Journalfen to thank for this info, as Gayleen is one of the writer/producers of a new SF/F audiodrama called Orphans which I've downloaded but have yet to actually listen to. I'm getting the impression from the original rec that there is slashiness, or at least coming-out themes, so if you know me, you know I'm there.)
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