July 28th, 2007


State of the Comic-Con Me

So I am currently in San Diego and I am sitting next to kimera and paying for expensive internets until my laptop runs out of power (which will be much sooner than the hour and 44 minutes it claims I have because it LIES) and we are sitting through the Comic Book Club presentation which is comedy writers (including the voice of Tom Servo) talking about comic books because Buffy singalong is next. And we hung out with rhi_silverflame today, and had dinner last night with her and shadowriter and lizbetann and diannelemerc, and have been generally hanging with brightone and steinba and sideofzen and jetpack_monkey and midnightfae and airawyn and several other folks whose LJ names I don't know yet but ought to. Also I got my picture taken with Johnny Yong Bosch and got Terry Moore's autograph and we missed the Joss panel because people lined up at insane o'clock to get into the room and I don't care because life is pretty good right now.

Insert punctuation here.


1. There are times when ninjas make an acceptable garnish.
2. Invisible family at the next table can has our cheeseburgers.
3. My phone attempted to download a pot leaf wallpaper from my pocket. As you do.