October 17th, 2007

b/x - coffee

Thing and Thing and Thing

One: I just watched Unholy and I wish I had anything cleverer to say about it than OMG so very very bad it makes Pinata look Oscar-worthy. Though... almost so bad it's amusing. Plus I will sit through almost anything to hear Nicholas Brendon say, "Collapse )" (Seriously unspoilery, just a brief intentionally comedic moment before the WTFOMGSOBAD starts. Possibly the only intentionally comedic moment in the entire movie, unless the entire movie is one long sneakily comedic moment of the writer laughing at us behind our backs.)

Two: I re-designed my LJ. It is Jeremiahtastic, because lo, sometimes I am a dork. (That'd be Jeremiah-Fandom-High-Xander's-purple-frog, not Jeremiah-the-show-that-I've-only-seen-vids-for.)

Three: Why Xander and Bridge Were Late for Homecoming 2007 - Collapse )

(Co-written with kimera. One of those scenes that was meant to be in the game, but sleep won. And then we said frak it, let's write it anyway.)