April 25th, 2009

Francine - harvest


I only rented The Cake Eaters to make caps of KStew not being Bella, but I really liked that film. It's rare that I rent a non horror/suspense flick these days (IDEK. It's just a very long phase.) but I'm glad I saw this one. And I must either own or re-create the soundtrack.

The men in it remind me so much of my grandfather and uncles, not in specific personality but in the setting and language. Sitting at a farmhouse breakfast table drinking re-heated coffee and making deep discussions of whether they're going to switch from All-Bran to Shredded Wheat. (Which actually was my grandpa's cereal of choice.) Bruce Dern's character is... frankly sort of how I wish my grandfather had been, but yeah. Boys being family. And the next person I see bitching about Kristen Stewart's lack of acting skills can bite me, because g'damn does she rock this part, where she plays a girl with a debilitating nervous disorder who manages to get out and have a life in spite of overprotective parents, physical challenges, and the acceptance that it might be a pretty short one.

*is pleased*

And also testing the crossposting from Dreamwidth, but not re-directing comments, because I just don't care. *stays frustratingly apolitical*
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