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Put me down for officially disliking the new custom comment pages. So far. They're incredibly confusing -- not because they're different from the standard LJ comment page, but because they're laid out like a regular journal page, which gives one the impression that one's accidentally clicked the link to visit the other person's full journal, instead of having hit the comments link. Plus the actual comment link *on* the comments page is worded the same as the standard journal link (i.e. instead of "Leave a comment" mine would say "Glurble at me") and that's.... disconcerting -- it's hard enough to explain to newbies how to figure out the difference between "reply to original post" and "reply to an individual comment" without there being a clear "reply to original post" link there.

I'm not sure how customizeable they are, though -- to use one, I'd have to dump my custom LJ style. Wouldn't lose it permanently, I know, but but I'd have to go to one of the S2 defaults, while I was playing with the S2 comments style, yes?
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