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Trouble with a capital A
That rhymes with something or other.
February 25th, 2010 
Merlin - Arthur loves youuuuuu man
(Smell Like A Prince, Man?)

Fandom: BBC's Merlin, and, uh. Hot guys who smell like jet fighters and punching?
Sound: So, about that virally popular Old Spice commercial...

Summary: Even a medieval man should smell like a man, man. Arthur feels the need to share this fact with the ladies - and manservants - of the world. Sir William helps out. Merlin...is long-suffering. (But he does kind of like how Arthur smells. Shh.)

Notes: BBC + Shine + Old Spice + Allergy-Sinus meds = this. I own only the drugs. I solemnly swear that no more than one box was purchased and I have no plans to start a meth lab from the contents. Vielen Dank to maeyan, halfnorn, and shesakicker for enabling the crazy.

Spoilers: through Series 2 technically, but so out of context that it would be a challenge to get spoiled
Format: DivX AVI and streaming
Length: 35 seconds

Streaming (YouTube)
Download (DivX avi, right-click-save: 8.4 mb)
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