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Trouble with a capital A
That rhymes with something or other.
July 7th, 2010 
07:56 pm - *eyes website*
domestic piranha
Hunh. I have now officially transferred every fanfic I've ever completed (except That One X-Files Fic No One Ever Needs To Read and the Fandom High ficlets) over to the Archive of Our Own.

The word-count doesn't make me stop going must write more even though you have nothing at the moment to write and it makes you semi-crazy when you do because all must love you and despair or you fail at fandom, but it soothes the buzzing insects a little.
FH - abbey road
Namely, that the target audience would be (in this case) "people who know both Merlin and Strangers in Paradise and can deal with the concept of the leads of both having gone to an interdimensional high school together" or fandomhigh players. The Venn diagram of which is almost a complete overlap.

Title: It Could Have Been Worse. She Could Have Brought Shake-Weights.
Fandom: Merlin/Strangers In Paradise (Fandom High futurefic)
Pairings (not that they feature much here): Arthur/Merlin, Francine/Katchoo, long-past Francine/Merlin, Casey Bullock/any unattached man with eyes
Word count: 843
Prompt: from rhi_silverflame: Camelot / Francine, Katchoo, Arthur, Merlin...and Casey / a well-meaning but inevitably disastrous aerobics lesson

Are you *positive* she's not a troll?Collapse )
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