October 29th, 2012

creepy doll


Yaddayadda, I'm doing science and I'm still alive. You're welcome for the earworm.

In celebration of my favorite holiday season, I'm keeping up the tradition of ghoulies, ghosties, long-leggedy beasties, and icons that go bump in the night.

This year I went with a source that hadn't occurred to me before despite how many of these have worked their lasting mental euiiiiiieegh on me for decades: horror novel covers. (I've read about 8 of these, I think; some of the ones that have stuck in my lizard brain for years, though, are books I never dared actually pick up back in my teens when they were around on every used bookstore shelf.)

All of these were gleaned from the pages of Too Much Horror Fiction, not because there are no other sources out there but because I didn't even manage to fully plumb the depths of this one due to constant distraction into reading the author's reviews.

Copyright belongs to the various individual artists of the cover pieces. If you're interested in finding the novels or the cover artists, the novel's title and author are in the hover text for each icon, and the filename is also the novel title. I don't need icon credit unless you are that way inclined anyway; want/take/have/mutilate as desired.

Warning for...creepy horror images? Including but not limited to eyes, skulls, blood, evil teddy bears, implied violence, nooses, dolls, evil kids, threatened kids, kids surrounded by flames, ginger kids, faceless nuns, demons, body horror, cats, fangs, and 80's hair.

Total Icon Count: 37



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