I Blame the Dutch (mpoetess) wrote,
I Blame the Dutch

Lonesome Standard Time

Well, Eastern Standard, actually. But everybody else is on Eastern Daylight, which means they're all watching Buffy end, now. It's weird, sitting in chat and watching them talk about the last things that are ever going to happen on the show, that haven't happened for me yet.

I'm thoroughly spoiled; none of it's a surprise, or bothers me. It's just that Buffy's ending. Right now. Right when most of the people who matter in this instance, because they're the people I talk about it with all the time, write stories with, play games with...are in another timezone from me. Not because I live that far from them, but because central Indiana can't comprehend why it should bother to sync itself up with the rest of the fucking world besides Arizona.

Buffy's ending, and I'm not dancing on air at the script-as-spoiled-to-me, but nor do I think it's awful. I do think TBQ is right about Joss and how he should have learned his lesson about letting his foilers be more interesting than the actual script, with The Gift -- but I'm not heartbroken by the actual contents, so I'm cool with it. I may be sobbing in about 15 minutes, of course.

It's just that. Buffy's ending. Right now. In fifteen minutes I'm going to be watching... what? Ghost of Buffy? And everyone else will be enjoying the season finale of 24.

Also? Buffy's ending.
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