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TBQ said I had to.

And since we gave her the big sparkly plaque that says Boss of Us ...

Spell your first name backwards?

Yma. Which is, I suppose, better than it would be if my first name were May.

The story behind your lj user name?

I've been Mad Poetess almost since I got my first e-mail account, which would be my senior year of college, back when I really was writing poetry with reasonable frequency. I'd actually forgotten how long I'd had the handle, until I googled and found archived listserv posts from my UE address. mpoetess came specifically from the fact that I wasn't sure I wanted my journal public, at the time I first made it. I didn't know about the friends options and filters and such, so I picked a variation that would be easy enough to remember for me and anybody I gave the address to, but wouldn't be easy to find in a search. Bwah. That was a good 2 years and 110 LJ friends ago.

Are you a lesbian Lesbanian?

Ya know, we should all just answer *this* question, and skip the rest of the survey. A whole host of posts just titled "Yes, TBQ! I am a lesbian! 8-D" or "No, TBQ, I am not a lesbian. :-( " or possibly "Hey TBQ, did you know Danny Thomas was a Lesbian?" (ba-dum-ching, but only if you were sad enough to watch Golden Girls religiously in high school)

Am I driving to Buffycon in a pickup truck? Why yes, I am. Which has no bearing on the original question, but I think it's very funny, all the same.

The actual answer is "On alternate Tuesdays and bank holidays" but I think everybody knew that and could care less.

Where do you live?

In a yellow submarine East Cupcake, Illinois Indiana.

How many people have you blown that you then didn't fuck?

None. I've also stopped beating my wife. (Also, since when is a blowjob not fucking, aside from in the Oval Office?)

Describe your

CD in stereo right now?

Haven't played the actual stereo in six months, probably, but just for shits-n-giggles, lemme run downstairs and check.

Cletus T. Judd. I Stoled This Record. Placed there by maeyan the last time she cleaned the dining room, I am led to understand.

No CD in my CD drive, and my winamp is on shuffle. Maybe the closest thing would be "What songvid is on your desktop right now?" In which case, B's Drop in the Ocean vid, and mrmonkeybottoms' Dru vid from Video Bootcamp. (The entire 15 page thread of which I read this evening, and boy is my brain tired and cowering in intimidation at the same time.)




Ears, traditional, and they're grown closed. I've had them pierced twice, but...eh. Too much hassle.

What you are wearing now?

Jeans, blue shirt, messy hair because I haven't left the house all day. No bra. *Flash!*


Gives me a headache most of the time; I tend to like very light citrus scents if I wear anything.


As mentioned, messy. Red. Longer than it's been... possibly ever.

Who or What (was/is/are)

In my mouth?

No one is in my mouth. At the moment.



In my heart?

My kitties who loves me. And some people and, like, stuff. Also? My aorta.

The most important thing on my hard drive?

Everything! Plus backups of my websites, yo. That shit's not happening again.

The most important thing on the web?

People Porn People Porn People Porn People Porn

Aww, fuck. People/Porn! OTP!!!11!

Three of your favorite movies?

The Last Unicorn (which is neither my favorite movie nor book, it's just way up there), Blazing Saddles, Jumpin' Jack Flash. ("Who knew there was a phone Gestapo?")

The last thing you ate?

Oats & Honey granola bar. Or possibly a forkful of pickle relish. Shut *up*! I had hot dogs for lunch, and the jar is still on the desk.

Your favourite sandwich?

Turkey, mayo, mustard, and cheese. Or Subway Seafood&Crab. ETA: or, of course, Spanderwich!

What do you want done with your body when you die?


Who is your worst enemy?

Oh, me, undoubtedly. Or sometimes, LJ. Or squidge.

Ever been to Belgium? No.

Ever been to Belize? No.

Can you eat with chopsticks?

Yes, but I only do it for fun or politeness.

What are 5 cities you wouldn't mind relocating to?

1. Almost anywhere in England, but only if they drop the bloody stupid-ass 6-month quarantine on pets.

2. Atlanta is nice. Despite what my friends who *live* in Atlanta think.

3. Northwest Indiana (there aren't really cities up there, not the way you're thinking) but only if I were independently wealthy, because the job market for non-retail there sucks rocks.

4. I really have to think of more? I'm not widely traveled, ya know. SanFran, possibly.

5. Newford! (What? It didn't say they had to be *real* cities!)

What's something that you wish people would understand?

That there *is* honor among fannish "thieves" -- unless (generic) you choose to be dishonorable. Just stating that there isn't? Is not a valid argument for why it's ok to be an asshole. Or more eloquently put, we all know TBQ isn't Joss Whedon. (She's cuter.)

What is something you're pretty sure you don't understand?

Vidding, esp. after having read the entire 15 page Boot Camp thread. Mommy!

3 most obscure fic kinks?

Yeah, gotta go with zortified's answer. The ones I'll admit to out loud aren't obscure, anyway. Spanking. Fisting. First times.

Okay, fine. I've got a formerly secret kink for physical h/c where one partner is frustrated all to hell at his inability to do the things he used to do, and the other takes care of him and doesn't know how to deal with the resentment -- angst angst love angst love. Think Spike in the wheelchair or Xander non-fatal-disease-of-the-week. But -- well-written in a way that is not (to paraphrase firehorse), "So You've Got Diabetes -- How Your Life Will Change."

Kinkier, secreter version: diminished capacity (of the stroke/brain damage/partial amnesia sort) where the partner who's got the problem *knows* it's a problem, knows there's things that are in his brain that he just can't *get* to or express, and is severely emotionally messed up by it. Anger, resentment, fighting, making up, angst angst love angst love. Yes, I know -- Repossession. But part of the reason Repo doesn't work for me is that it's so *close* to being this, and isn't, in far too many small and medium-sized ways.

The genre character you would sell your beloved to fuck?

Don't have a beloved to sell; if I did, I'd probably be fucking him/her and not taking this silly survey. Or possibly snuggling, as it's 1 a.m. However, to play fair, Genre Character You'd Most Like To Fuck = Spanderwich? Or Tara. (Faith gets some sort of whole other category. Possibly the "Be Fucked By" category.)

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