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One of the kittens died. The little orange one, that had crawled further away from the others and was freezing on the garage floor when I went to check on them late on Halloween night. The one that got me to bring them all inside. He took so damn long to get warm, but I thought he was going to pull through, I really did.

And the only name he had a chance to claim was 'Dribbles.' You know, if he'd grown up, he would've at least got a less sucky name.

The not-sad stuff is below.

from The Geekado

Riley: Hey, aren't you a vampire? Why are you hanging out in daylight, albeit in a shady spot? And shouldn't you be trying to kill us or something?

Spike: I should. And two years ago, I would've. I started out as a villain, you see. But it wasn't long before everyone noticed that I was incredibly cool.

Riley: Yes, I've noticed that myself.

Spike: My coolness prevented me from being killed off as all villains should be. However, I couldn't remain on the show in my former capacity. So I had to take over the job of snarky comic relief. Reluctatly, I accepted the position, humiliating as it was.

Riley: Along with the multi-year contract and a spot in the opening credits? How self-sacrificing of you.

Spike: And don't you forget it.

-- Marina Frants

Bwhahahahahaha. Ahem. I've read it before, but what with the Redemtionista/evil!Spike/Xanderneedsastoryline/Willowistheanti-Christ blather on the Buffy Cross&Stake, it just feels so much funnier. Innocent and wonderful, to fall back into the halcyon days of Season 4, which I alone have escaped to tell thee was *good* dammit.

Is it Tuesday yet?