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I never did that Con Report, did I?

Am I allowed to condense it?

Wanna see my friends again NOW. Robin Sachs hot. stakebait has patience of saint. Wish I'd had the mind-brain connection to realize Kuzibah of the Patient Creatures was Kuzibah, of the Cross & Stake and various writings, both gen and slash. (Also sort of wish Grim Carpathian (I think) wasn't into fingering people's (not my) hair in the bar, because dude? Over the personal space line. Pretty sure he was just trying to be cute, but it landed on the side of creepy.) Wish I hadn't wasted 3 extra hours panicking on the PA turnpike on the way there. Jacuzzi niiiiiiiiice. captainnancy hilarious. thete1, same, but we knew that. Hot Lesbian Action! wesleysgirl makes a great fire (buffybot touched her, see, and it froze her, and then we all walked through her, and... ahem. Then there were donuts.) zortified looks hot in a corset (we all *knew* byrne would, but you weren't expecting the other one, were you) and taught me a) how to crochet (again) and b) that my hook is too small. :-( Met lots of LJ people, did very silly things, wore a hat, sang off-key, was somewhat frightened by Giant Cardboard Buffy TM and want to see my friends again NOW.

Also, have no money left. :)

Edit 1</i>: (as things occur to me) Devoncon a splendiferous success, thanks to creativity of hostesses buffybot and miss_edith. Most amused that I got lost several times on the way to 'not the Hellmouth but close' with my fine MapQuest directions, but did not (except for brief moment of nosing around Harrisburg trying to find the turnpike again) get lost at all on the way back, when the directions were reversed, the exit numbers weren't the same, and I'd had a whole weekend to get as exhausted as possible.

Edit 2: I have no pictures. My camera (the non-broken one) sucks, and everybody else had a digicam, so I thoughtfully designated the congoing world at large (and wolfling in specific) as my official photographers. Post your freakin' con pics, people!

Edit 3: Suggest large party to hunt down and stomp on the ass who sat next to wordsofastory on her way home. Creep. Creepcreepcreep. Also, got to meet bonibaru and rivkat, who talked vids, HP slash, and pizza with us, and thank cadhla personally for the kickass Lorne/Groo story she wrote for my Flashfic request. And while whining that next time I'm going to have to request Spike/Xander and Xander/Spike as my two pairings, just to get people to stop picking the alternate choice (3 times in a row so far, which is no reflection on the stories I did get, which have been great) I somehow managed to get byrne to promise me Spike/Xander corsetslash! Woohoo!

Edit 4: Ficbitch.com is all updated and hot and pinky-blue and Lilahfied. There's boobies! Go see!

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