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Pretty much spoiler-free. Song titles are *not* spoilers.
Things shown on last week's previews are not spoilers. I refuse to apologise for them.

People with mp3 sites, and... Mmmm.


Buffy Musical= +10

Getting home at 8:01 after arguing about leaving, the car door breaking, guilt and visions of Jen falling out of the car, and general pissiness on my part, even though I'm the one who didn't call her to say it was time to leave until 7:05...


Actually liking Buffy (the character) = +2

Cheesy and jarring dance scenes in "Life's a Show"= -1

Spike's not-Rest-in-Peace lines = +2

Rest in Peace = +5

Implications of the end of "I'm Under Your Spell" (the original) = +5

Closing image = -1
Not yakking at closing image because Spike and Buffy made it believable= +1

Xander being the butt-monkey = -1

Xander in silk pjs = +5

Feeling like singing= +10

Feeling ashamed of wanting to sing, and other things I decided on reflection to censor = -10

That my freaking TV card won't record sound (even though it will play it) no matter how I mess with the settings. -1
That I found the mp3s elsewhere, though I still need better copies, plus Sweet's song and See You In Hell= +2

Overall score: 25 on a scale of I have no idea.

Having to teach things I'm sick of teaching in half an hour to people who don't want to be there: -26. At least until class ends!
Tags: fandom: btvs/angel, meta: episode commentary
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