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Today's To Do List

Please note posting time, and that 'today' refers to 7/2. ;-)

  • Pay credit card bill: check
  • Pay student loan: check
  • Pay car insurance: check
  • Follow up with annoying people at work who slagged off on their side of projects that they requested in the first place, yet the boss would like me to go after them: check
  • Chase away extremely annoying woman who thought she could get around following the rules that everyone else has to follow by approaching my boss, when my teammate told her no, you can't do that: check
  • Accomplish this by the simple expedient of knowing the procedures of my job, and actually checking the facts before jumping to make this person happy [the reader is invited to draw her own conclusions about whether this is common practice in my work environment]: check
  • Update wolfling's site: check
  • Update S/X and Violence: check
  • Whore for beta readers on sxandviolence: check
  • Add new story to Wes Slash Contest: check
  • Answer all feedback except the Ones From 2001 That Are Hidden In The Shoebox In The Basement Behind The Locked Door With The Sign That Says Beware Of The Leopard: check
  • Look at Buffy vcd prices on ebay: check
  • Make fool of self by asking Season 7 seller if the VCD source was broadcast or DVD: check
  • Be lucky enough to catch this in time and save face by pointing out my own moment of brainfritz to him/her: check
  • Buy powerball ticket: check
  • Buy catfood: check
  • Buy and add transmission fluid: check
  • Be wanky : check
  • Feel most heartily somewhat regretful about it: check
  • Dominate global economy and oil reserves: perhaps tomorrow
  • Grope TBQ: aww, damn! I knew I forgot to do something!

*gropes TBQ*

  • check
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