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Today's gem from the archives & archivists ML

Regarding recent conversation topics (over the holiday week, I believe, though the poster may have been on vacation for a bit longer than that) on the list:

    Well children, I'm pleased to discover that you have spent your time in detention writing some very interesting essays. Your works on the cross-border skirmishes in North America was commendable 9/10 a very good effort. For the potted histories of naval conflict 8/10. The book recommendations 8/10. The geography of Europe/UK/Wales.....hmm, a lowly 4/10, but some did do well - room for some improvement. Your personal observations on the Welsh people/history/scenery 10/10 - a gold star. However, I am not impressed with your continual bickering - STOP IT NOW. Flynn.....I'll deal with you later.
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