I Blame the Dutch (mpoetess) wrote,
I Blame the Dutch

Apropos of nothing... (cept I redesigned my lj and wanna post)

Okay, gotta say it -- people pissed about getting spoiled for the Buffy musical, or Angel, or any upcoming ep of anything that you haven't seen yet in your neck of the woods?

Get over it.

You're reading people's journals. Moreover, you're reading the journals of people whom you *know* are fans of the same shows you are. If you didn't think you'd scroll down your friends page and see comments about goings on on your favorite programs, you live in a very naive world.

Yes, these are public journals, but they're still journals. We're not censoring our comments about sex, or kids, or how much we hate our bosses, and we shouldn't have to censor our comments about the tv show we just watched. Read someone's *journal* at your own risk, always, for finding things out that you maybe didn't want to know.

It's not common courtesy to use cut tags and place spoilers behind them. It's uncommon courtesy, and it's nice when people do it, but get over yourself if you think it's anybody's *responsibility* to.

/end rant.

And believe it or not, no one bitched directly at me about it, and I do try to not be too spoilery in my entries. But still. The hue and cry irked me.
Tags: fandom-bitching/snark
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