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[Expletive deleted]

What she said.

As well as: two of the kittens died last night. The kitten-kittens, not ours. Though Little Brother is still missing. There was one kitten who seemed twice as healthy as all the others put together, and he/she (I think he) is fine, but the remaining two weren't eating, barely moving. They both died while I was holding them - or possibly one of them waited until I passed him over to Jen.

God damn, I hate that life is so fucking fragile.

I hate that it ends.

I hate that we don't know what happens, when it ends.

I hate that things keep happening to remind me of this, so I can't wrap myself up in my own little world of fandom-related denial, swimming around inside the boundaries of a universe where we *know* people have souls, there's a Heaven, some people come back, and some people live forever.

Gee, and you thought I fell into Buffyfandom because vampires are sexy? (No, that would be why I *stayed* ;-) )

In other news, I'm at home. With headache from hell, but also waiting, hopefully, for Little Brother to show up at the door.

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