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It's 3:00 in the morning...

And I think it's gonna be another sleepless night; I've been listening to your dreams, and gettin' very low, wonderin' what I can do...

Nah. Not really. In fact, it's almost 4. But we went to the 10:40 showing... And I just felt the need to belt out random Crystal Gayle tunes.

Little Brother showed his happy ass back up just as we were going out the door to see Harry Potter. Blaggin' fraggin' annoying cat who can't stay inside even though he's been told repeatedly, scruffed repeatedly, yelled at and pounced and called many bad names, so he doesn't run into the street and get his furry butt run over...

God, I love him. The little shit.

Harry Potter was good. Read the book, Sabes. Write the slash, Sabes. Piss off the authorities.

James-- yes, Percy needed more screen time. Like, about an hour more. Chris Rankin is indeed one with the cuteness, and yes, I *am* that shallow. He didn't strike me as *our* Percy (too self-confident, not blustery enough), but alt!universe Percy, yes.

Oliver Wood is mine. You know, I could give a good crap about him in the books, but I want film!Oliver. He's so... and so... and that wannabe Geordie accent. (I think?) And I'm sorry, he's gay.

He's gayer than Percy.


My only bitches: Hermione needed to switch to decaf -- *so* overacted. Or, to be fair to the young actress, so underdirected. Ron needed to not look like someone was sticking a pin in him for 3/4 of his onscreen time. Even when he was *smiling*, the boy looked like he was in pain. (But illegally adorable when bruised, dirty, and clinging to the back of a stone horse.)
Harry was... well, for an elevish year old playing an elevenish year old, I thought he was very good.

maeyan will no doubt have many more gripes, because she was far less satisfied with it than I. But y'know...

The hot dogs were good. And she bought me a big-ass Pepsi. And I heart her. So I forgive her persnickityness.

And our annoying boykitty is back, and most things are fairly right with this little corner of the world, for the moment.

Have I mentioned that zortified and I appear to be writing a novel?

I'm going to bed now. I think I lost coherency about the time I was saying, "Troll? Eh. But the Quidditch.... tell me the Quidditch didn't kick ass..." Which was a mile from home and before we remembered we had to buy cat food.

G'nightmorning. I'll be up when I'm up!

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