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Angel Book of Days

Rec/Link/Pimp/Ho, sorry, where was I?

justhuman took my request for "Tell me what happened to Files and Records, please!" and turned it into an absolutely lovely, detail-rich story of one woman's search for herself, and a place to call home - even if that place is Wolfram and Hart.

There's even some Lilah friendship/subtext in there, which I wanted greatly but used up my allowed number of specifications before I could ask for it -- so either JH read my mind, or a little birdie told her, or it's just happy coincidence -- but I'm thrilled with the entire story.

It's called Baa Baa Black Sheep and it can be found on JH's and piedmargaret's wonderful Angel Book of Days challenge site.


My own entry was co-written with the great and butt-saving zortified, which the PTB let me get away with a) out of the generosity of their hearts and b) because I was a backup writer, and so didn't get my assignment as early as most of the challenge participants. It was written for spikewriter, who requested Lorne, Lilah, and nobody dies. ;-)

I must have hallucinated the part where she wanted them naked...

No Day At The Beach.
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