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Well, that was fun...

In the way that's not. Insert [Windows security breach, frantic rebooting, freaking over whether it's the ISP or the machine, reinstalling to factory original (with plenty of backups, and I'm sure it's done my hard drive space a world of good to get rid of the crap that I chose not to back up), freaking out again when auto-reboot continues, getting online via maeyan's computer (which runs WinME and doesn't seem to be affected, ironically - or perhaps it's just that since MS no longer supports it, they haven't bothered with a patch) and finding thebratqueen's post (for which I would love her eternally even if I didn't already), which led me to elke_tanzer's post, which etc. etc, finally installed patch, reinstalled ISP software, figured out how to get ISP software to frigging let go of my browser, you PeoplePC bastards! and am at last more or less online] here.

And how was your weekend?


Actually, mine was fine -- all this has been happening since I finally got online from home at about 5pm today. The weekend was spent in Missouri with kjwagner and sarabi and their respective spouses, mother-of-kjwagner, offspring both human and animal (one boychild celebrating second birthday, one as yet unborn child of unknown gender, 4 cats, 3 rats, one farking huge plecosthemus and assorted small tropical fish), and various flying toys, some of which were even launched by the two year old.

Highlights included:

7 adults engaging in a game of Living Room Balloon Volleyball, probably the most exercise most of us have had all year, but sadly curtailed by the earthshattering kaboom of one poor balloon against the edge of the fishtank, which sent sarabi to her knees in fallout-protection position, and prompted a delighted "Pow!" from David, the birthday boy.

Eternal words to live by from Mr. sarabi: "Sometimes I like it up against the wall, dear."

Me finally, for the first time in *ever*, being able to see Magic Eye pictures. Mind you, I can only see them inside out, by crossing my eyes, which basically has the visual effect of having walked around behind the 3-D shape, but.... at least I finally know there's something there, and you people haven't been fscking with me all this time.


And if any of you think I'm going to be caught up on alphabits in the next century... hmm. Can I have some of what you're smoking, as long as it didn't come from the lining of Seth's jacket pocket?
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