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Techie Premiere Question of Dooooom

[Anybody who's never used Adobe Premiere, smile, nod, and scroll.]

And one I've been trying to solve on my own since I reformatted my hard drive and reinstalled Premiere -- with no luck. I'm now swarming in downloaded codecs, but the problem still remains:

When trying to play a non-rendered DivX (3, 4, or 5 -- got em all, tried em all) file in Premiere -- i.e., a source file, so that I can set in and out points to then drag to the timeline -- I get, instead of video: a blank white screen.

Audio, if the file has audio, which most of mine don't, is fine. Drag it to the timeline and play it in the monitor window -- even unrendered -- and it plays fine. It's just in the source window, the pre-timeline window, that I can't see a durn thing.

And here's the wonkiest part: if I click on another part of the workspace -- the monitor, say, or the timeline, then I'll get a still image in that source window, of whatever frame it's on. Click back to that window and make it the active one, and poof, white screen again.

Muh? Anyone who's used Premiere extensively run across this? I've found some references to Macs having difficulty with avis and giving white screen instead of video, but a) I'm on a PC and b) those were in reference to Quicktime, not Premiere. Also, I can play said DivX avis in anything *but* Premiere, so the computer itself recognises them. Just not the Insane Wonky Picky But Perfect When It's Working Right Video Editing Program From Hell.

Needless to say, being unable to set in and out points before dragging the clip to the timeline is a leeetle inconvenient. It could be worked around by tweaking it on the timeline, but eesh, I'd rather make the thing work right, than kludge it. And I'm positive as a positive thing, that this wasn't happening *before* I reformatted, so I'm 80% sure it's some file I'm missing or setting that I don't have turned on. I just have no idea what.

(The Premiere help files were, of course, less than helpful, unless I'm to believe that Premiere is seeing a DivX-avi made in VirtualDub as a type 1 avi which VirtualDub can't even open, let alone make and which it isn't because I tested it in a type 1 to type 2 converter. Yes, I have done a hell of a lot of fruitless research before pleading for help. ;-) )

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