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Houston, we have Wank!


2003-08-19 04:37 pm (UTC) (Link)

And FWIW, that's just my observation -- that the people I've seen bitching about slash have mostly been hetshippers, who coicidentally happen to be friends/acquaintances/fans of the recent influx of het-gone-slashers.

And the damn thing is, like Annie's said a couple of times, it's not even that they've stopped writing the things that people were fans of them for. Annie's still writing Spuffy, Herself is still writing Spuffy, Anna was having problems with Noir even before she started seriously getting into the Spike/Xander (I believe; I'm happy to be corrected.) and she's still working with it. It just seems like that's not *enough* for some readers -- like. I don't know. Like they want to be able to say they read and like everything of a writer's, so instead of just saying "Hey, the slash stuff isn't my thing, so I haven't been reading it" they have to get bitter and bitch about the *genre*, and describe why it's horrible and bad in the abstract, but of course not when their favorite writers write it.

Man, if slash doesn't entertain [general bitching plural you] most of the time, just say so and move on. Admit that there's stories of your favorite writer's that you don't want to read because you don't like the pairing/subject/setting. Here -- I'll start. Hi; I'm Amy. I'm not going to read a *damn* thing from Te's "Kill Your Babies" challenge because I. Don't. Like. Main. Character. Death. I don't care who writes it.

See how easy that was?


2003-08-19 05:07 pm (UTC) (Link)

Hi, I'm Lar and I hate the feminizing of men in slash. I delete stories unread past the first hint of any appearance of the girly-men who bear no resemblance to the characters I know and love (or even like.)

crowd chants: Hi Lar!