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GIP, and Wank
Because I'm incapable of not being wanky while away from my own pc, apparently.

So I say? Buffy and Spike had a tender, humorous, happy that episode we all missed. Buffy admitted she loved him when he wasn't dying and in a way that he actually believed... in that episode we all missed. Angel and Cordelia made narrative and characterizational sense... in that episode we all missed. Dawn and Connor met... in that episode we all missed. Xander said Angel was an attractive man and Spike was compact but well-muscled, and Angel kissed Spike on the forehead, and alternate universe Doyle passed his visions on to Angel instead of Cordy... in that episode we all -- oh. Wait.

Really. Sour. Fucking. Grapes. Why do the "slash in the Buffyverse is too trendy and not believable" people *care* about stories that are being written that they're not interested in reading? Because "their" Spuffy (and other het ship) writers have decided slash is interesting, and aren't providing them with their daily fix of *their* favorite 'ship, perhaps?

No one's coming right out and saying which slash stories actually aren't believable, and you know why? It's not out of politeness -- it's because there's jack-all evidence to back up the wild generalizations that "more then half of those stories have no plot and is purely focused on the fucking" 1 and general widespread statements that the stories are out of character or otherwise badly written. Because almost every "new wave" slash writer is a *good* het writer who happened to decide she's interested in slash.

So? My wanky interpretation, which is still a hell of a lot less offensive than Isabelle's "I think it's because y'all haven't been getting any dick" is: "you" can't admit you're just pissed that your favorite writers aren't writing what *you* want them to write, that your preferences aren't being validated, and no writer anywhere owes you jack-shit.

So you fall back on the "slash is out of character -- except for *well-written* slash, of course" bullshit. But you can't name names because you know you'd be laughed off the stage for saying anniesj's slash sucks -- and the "bad" slash mostly comes from fluffy-duffy "I write for fun and my friends like it so leave me alone" people who were slashers all along, and you've never heard of them, so you can't complain that they're abandoning the Holy Canon Pairings.

My heart bleeds. Sour. Fucking. Grapes. And if you don't want to start [clutches pearls] Another Fandom War, Isa? Don't post offensive bullshit and then act like you're being attacked for your beliefs. You're not being attacked for your beliefs -- you're being attacked for your rudeness, immaturity, and disengenousness.

1 quoth a guest commenter on the "You all need some dick" post.

Whoa! It's a very long time since I've been this angry


2003-08-31 03:13 pm (UTC) (Link)

I honestly haven't been part of the Buffy fandom for a long time but I like your writing and I've kept you on my LJ. Based on the respect I have for you, I followed the link to her blog and I am righteously pissed. As an co-author of a Spike/Riley story (probably the one they were ranting about), I am currently seeing red. How can anybody watch Buffy and not see the sexual undertones between the males? Are they that f***king blind?

I just fired off a salvo for the sake of those of us who used to write Buffy slash and who do still write it. Let's see if it stirs up the hornet's nest.

Children should not be allowed near computers without adult supervision. That's the only thing further that I have to say about this.



Re: Whoa! It's a very long time since I've been this angry


2003-08-31 05:04 pm (UTC) (Link)

How can anybody watch Buffy and not see the sexual undertones between the males? Are they that f***king blind?

Apparently they are, Ace. I feel like pointing them towards the OBVIOUS shout-out to the slashers in Beneath You, when the girl asks "Is there anyone here that hasn't slep together?", and Spike and Xander just give each other that look.

Nummy Treats indeed! LMAO!

Hence why I generally stay out of fandom in general ;)