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Discussion past its sell-by date, I know, but since the question was asked...
Since there has been a complaint that the silence on the side of slash-defenders regarding the following issue has been deafening, I feel I must address it.

ginmar said: I'm still waiting for some slasher to point out that not liking slash doesn't make you homophobic or repressed.

Dear World:

Not liking slash does not make you homophobic or repressed. 1

For additional deafening silence, please see:

ObDisclaimer: This is intended for those who identified as "anti-slash". This is not meant for those who simply do not like slash, or those who prefer het/gen as a general rule. Y'all are fine and don't need to worry. We like you, promise. ~thebratqueen

(Which also contains the gem "Yeah, sure, sometimes you get accused of homophobia. And I agree that sometimes that's not correct. It's not necessarily homophobic to say that you don't like slash. However if the way you choose to phrase that dislike uses terms that were last seen acting as adjectives inside of SARS-related news stories maybe you need to rethink your terminology.")

ETA - and in the comments: It's also something of an offshoot of the knee-jerk "You don't like slash, therefore you're a homophobe!" reaction that some slash fans give. In my ideal world both sides would back down and we'd all proceed without having to flash some credentials."


Please note, not enjoying, not being interested in, or just not caring about slash does not make anyone homophobic. ~kita0610

For a thoughtful and calm examination of why the suspicion of homophobia tends to arise in some cases, feel free to enjoy eliade's post on the subject which begins "There's a reason that people who persistently challenge slash are often called homophobic; it's because slash is for many people a form of sexual orientation, and it can often feel as if you're at a party with your fabulous gay lover and some strange woman comes up to you and says, 'I'm not homophobic, but I'm really curious why you feel the need to express your sexuality with another woman and do odd things to her with strap-ons. What's that about? It's not the normal sort of thing to do.' Most of the time, that question is just disingenuous and annoying."

1Seriously. Non-sarcastically, despite surrounding facetiousness.

Re: You know what you guys need to do to really make a point?


2003-09-02 10:41 am (UTC) (Link)

Heh! Granted -- my own slash output recently, well-written or otherwise, has been pretty much nada. I'm sure that's a good part of why I've been taking so much of the ker-wotziting to heart -- feeling defensive of this thing that gets me so tied in knots sometimes that I can't write at all, yet love so much, and also feeling like discussion (or sometimes bitching) is the only thing I have to offer at the moment.

Hey, I know how it is


2003-09-02 12:18 pm (UTC) (Link)

I've hit dry spells myself, and it's very frustrating. Just don't let other people's ignorance getting to you be the cause, because that would be tragic.

Just watching this whole thing play out seems surreal to me. I mean, the fanfic community has been invisible for so long, and even now so much of fandom looks on us as a weird subset (which, taste the irony, folks), that for any part of it to have this in-fighting just seems counter-productive.

Good luck, sweetie. Hope the muse starts whispering perverted nothings in your ear real soon.

Re: Hey, I know how it is


2003-09-02 12:28 pm (UTC) (Link)

*hugs Kuz*

In all fairness, it's just me and my uncooperative brain. Anti-slash folks aren't fueling my lack-o-muse; if anything the weekly flamewars at least give me the comfort that I can write something even if it's just defensive essays. ;-)

*hugs MP back*


2003-09-02 05:07 pm (UTC) (Link)

As I said, here's hoping.

In the meantime, keep up the amusing LJ work.