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And for the record....

Because in the places where the idiots continue to discuss it, and continue to live in denial, and continue to self-righteously state that whatever an actor says about himself should be taken as gospel, I'm not allowed to say the frickin' obvious, which is that if an actor makes a statement about his age, he's made said age a public issue, and thus open for discussion...


OI. A very beautiful 39, and there's nothing wrong with it. There's nothing especially wrong with him saying he's 10 years younger. But don't feed me bullshit about me being required to take that as fact, when it isn't, or tell me I'm not allowed to call him on it.

Bloody well get over it. The man lies. Very prettily, and it's not a major character fault to lie about one's age, but Christ. It's not like stating you're heterosexual or a Mormon, and people should respect your right to give yourself that label.

It's a matter of public record.

It's not part of his private life.

It wouldn't even be part of his private life if he *hadn't* made an age-statement to the public. once he does, the fact that said statement is a bald-faced, though cute, lie, is not something that must be hushed up because actors deserve a private life.

If I want to say he's vain, for making that public statement, I damn well will.


Not, as pointed out to me, at the Buffy Cross and Stake, where any discussion about the actors that implies that they might in any way be human beings to be held up to the same standards as any other, is verboten, unless it's praise or criticism of acting so politely phrased that it might as *well* be praise.

but I'm not bitter.

-- And I *know* it's a stupid issue. It just pisses me off to see people arguing about it, and it pisses me off more when somebody says I'm not allowed to join in. ;-) --
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