I Blame the Dutch (mpoetess) wrote,
I Blame the Dutch


mpoetess (trying to get Asshat to come up with a "My Fandom" statement.): My fandom is

virtual_asshat: *Shrugs* i don't get it, i'm asking for here is a hotness factor involved in fandom, or just different fandoms, but in your email box for "daring" to make your point and will not get any dick.

mpoetess: My fandom is

virtual_asshat: "Star trek rerun, reread, rewritten: fan writing as textual poaching." in constance penley et al (eds.), close encounters: film, feminism, and science fiction drawing in slash fandom is buffy. What is your purpose is in a same sex characters and the original post and the attempted rape? Because i think that's your main point.

ETA: Aha! The trick is to say "Your fandom is..."

virtual_asshat: My fandom is very real and demonstrable deaths of my brain.
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