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Geek Week! And BTW, Happy Birthday, Wolf! (No connection. Really. Yeah.)

Item the first: Happy Birthday, wolfling! Your, um. Present's in the mail? (I kid. I kid because I love. It is in the mail. Or given that it was shipped at least a week ago, it should already be there? ETA is supposed to be tomorrow at the latest.)

Item the second: Geek Week! minitrog has declared it to be so, and challenged us to flash our geek cred by ..er. Sharing the nerdy love. Which is really hard to distinguish from "Being fen..." which I do every week. But I'll give it a shot.

The second and third links are soundfiles, which will only be up temporarily, so get 'em while they're hot, and for the sake of the lachrymal glands of the infant christ, right-click and save, don't try to play them from the web.

  • Geek Love #1: For Old Skool geekiness, there's always filk, a staple of fantasy and sf fandom, with or without the internet. The Virtual Filksing is "the largest collection of recorded "filk" music on the Internet." (Yes, the quotes are there for a reason -- it might have been so at one time, and may still be, but given the propensity of pre-www fen to update their websites less frequently than Bob Asprin updates his Myth Inc. series....) Still. "Tech Support?" So. Funny. It. Hurts. Probably because it's so true it hurts. "Oh, my god, they gave you ROOT?!!?"

  • Geek Love #2: What could possibly be geekier than...Home Shopping Network fandom? The late great Steve Goodman was a scary, scary man, and he tells us all about it in Vegematic.

  • Geek Love #3: Is probably more of a testament to my own geekiness, than strictly geek by itself. Captured from last night's Queer Eye For the Straight Guy episode using a standard VCR and an ATI TV Wonder video card. Edited and (cough) digitally remastered in Adobe Premiere. Converted from avi to wav format in VirtualDub, and from very large wav to reasonably small mp3 in RAD Video Tools.

    I bring you the song stylings of Jai Rodriguez, backed up by the mellow tones of Ted Allen, and the incomparable Kyan Douglas on guitar : Five Gay Men Cleaning One House. Coming soon to a Grammy Awards Ceremony near you.

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