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Conviction, whee, yes, I've had an unspecified amount of vodka and orange juice, why do you ask?

Ok, so I said I'd have it up within minutes of the end of the episode.

Well, it's sort of minutes. It's, um, 68 minutes.

That one. (The one where you right-click-save...) The one where Mutant Enemy served up Amy's kink on a platter with a side of slash. And then they gave her Spike at the end, and yo, NONE shall harsh my mellow, baby. None.

AlsoKnoxisacutie. AndEveneedsapersonality.

Good ep. Angel pretty. Wesley pretty. Gunn pretty. Lorne wonderful. Fred... pretty, needs a cookie. The foregoing? Not spoilers.

Re: *smort*


2003-10-02 07:57 am (UTC) (Link)

This season is so slash-happy, I'd fuck Joss if that wouldn't decrease the Ho-yay.

(Though for the people bitching -- and yes, there are -- that there's too *many* shoutouts to the slashers? Pfffft. Season 1? Almost as slashy. Just not as self-aware.)