I Blame the Dutch (mpoetess) wrote,
I Blame the Dutch

[Insert meaningless subject line here]

Four truths and a lie? Five truths and a lie? Eh. One of these is not true. The others are.

1. I have never had any of the traditional "childhood" diseases: measles, mumps, chicken pox, rubella.

2. The only time I ever had detention, I simply told the teacher that I wouldn't be showing up, because I hadn't done anything wrong. She pretty much said, "Ok."

3. Beneath the red dye, I am a natural blonde. (sarabi, kjwagner, maeyan, and Mom, you are ineligible to play!)

4. Cooked green peppers make me violently ill, yet raw ones are just fine.

5. Not only am I the Good One1, but I have the halo to prove it. Except wesleysgirl stole it at Buffycon.

1 Yes, that's a judgement call. The truth or lie issue is about the halo. :-P
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