I Blame the Dutch (mpoetess) wrote,
I Blame the Dutch

True Lies

karenbear and miggy win. The prize is... kisses! So you can share my cold.

1. I have never had any of the traditional "childhood" diseases: measles, mumps, chicken pox, rubella.

True. I've had pnumonia, mononucleosis, any number of strep throats and upper respiratory infections galore, all before the age of 18, but none of the kiddie diseases.

2. The only time I ever had detention, I simply told the teacher that I wouldn't be showing up, because I hadn't done anything wrong. She pretty much said, "Ok."

True. She assigned the whole class detention for not quieting down when she told us to. I wasn't talking; I didn't go. I told her I wouldn't be there, and why. Which all sounds slightly more militant than it was, since it was a favorite (and notoriously soft-touch) teacher who'd just got pushed too far one day. I think they ended up sitting round and talking about books in the detention session that I boycotted.

3. Beneath the red dye, I am a natural blonde. (sarabi, kjwagner, maeyan, and Mom, you are ineligible to play!)

So, so false. miggy won by guessing randomly. karenbear won by being wrong, sort of. She said she couldn't imagine me as anything other than a redhead; my natural color is pretty much what you see in my userpic, which is me at about 8. Dishwater brown. On the other hand, sarabi says my soul is redheaded, so maybe I should give KB extra special points for seeing past the lies that follicles tell.

4. Cooked green peppers make me violently ill, yet raw ones are just fine.

'Tis true. I've gotten a bit braver in recent years, and managed to eat things like pizza with the peppers picked off, or a very tiny amount still on, but overall, I avoid them like the plague. This is tangential to the fact that I don't like the taste of cooked green peppers -- I once got quite ill just from eating pepper steak with all of the peppers removed; it was just the juice in the sauce that did me in. Yet fresh peppers in salads are just fine. Go figure.

5. Not only am I the Good One, but I have the halo to prove it. Except wesleysgirl stole it at Buffycon.

Yes, yes, my Good One-ness is subjective; for instance, zortified and I have distinctly different opinions on that score. But the halo isn't. I loaned it to wesleysgirl so she could play Tara in our OMWF sing-along (she also played the fire that Buffy had to walk through) and I forgot to get it back from her. Which ok technically isn't stealing but. Um. Anyway.

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